Who am I?

I am at a turning point in my life. One of those developmental stages. Did you know they continue beyond the baby years? Yep. I am at the redefining your life stage, (my own definition). For 26 years I have been known by whose mother I am. I am Kristin, Tara, Michael, Molly’s mom. I am John Miller’s wife. WAIT!!!!!!

I’m Karen. Karen Giles. Who is she? Where did she go? She was a separate person at one time. Then she became known by all these others peoples names. She became lost in what she was doing. Not bad. A developmental stage of its own. It’s time to find her again. I’m not sure I can.

I am feeling hopeless.


About Karen G. Miller

Wife of John G. Miller, author of the QBQ! book. Mother of 7 (plus 4 in-laws) and "Grandma Nonnie" to 11! Beach Body coach! Co-author of "Raising Accountable Kids." Follower of Jesus Christ.
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