What is there to know about me? I love people, preferring to think the best, as opposed to the worst in others. That can sometimes get me into troublesome situations. I am loyal. Sometimes to a fault. God created me in such a way that I feel, way more than I wish I did! But He knew when it was put to the test, which it has been over and over again, I would pass. For that I am thankful.

I love to encourage others. Build them up. Especially women, in their relationships with their husbands and their kids.Helping mom’s parent to their very best is a passion of mine. I seriously would love to be Super Nanny! In our family, Super Nonnie!

My stats? I am mother to 7 plus 4, plus 3. Wife of 33 years to John Miller. I love to be active when I have the energy. :o) I love my dogs. I love my horse. I love the thought of riding my horse in my mind, but have to overcome the fear of doing so first. :o)

A work in progress even now. Thankful that I have a God who showers me with mercy and grace afforded me by His son Jesus Christ.


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