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Stay In The Game To Raise Great Kids

Not Staying In The Game Is Baffling There is nothing that amazes me, no, baffles me more than a parent who doesn’t stay in the game. Ever seen a parent give direction to their child then turn away assuming the child … Continue reading

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Were the years wasted???

I have a tendency to state things rather dramatically, especially when emotions are running high. Today, I need to say these words, even though I know they’re illogical, not true, and completely for “theatrical effect”: “I have wasted 14 years of … Continue reading


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A parent was sharing frustration over her 3-year-old’s constant temper tantrums that occurred when they went shopping. On one particular trip … “Everyone was looking at us. I still had so much shopping I needed to do. I had to make … Continue reading

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Parenting: Time to Do the Tough Stuff

It’s prom season. All Seniors and many Juniors go to prom. But is that a must? Is it a “for sure”? What if your Junior’s grades have tanked? What if your Senior, suffering from “senioritis,” is all full of themselves … Continue reading

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